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Need a hand setting up particular automations or an entire workflow? We have partnered up with an external group of Make technology experts, qualified to solve any integration challenges you face. Take advantage of our consultations to leverage the full potential of the platform. Expert Consultations

Introducing the “Pay for What You Get“ Consultations

While we’re glad to welcome so many new Boosters aboard, with the quick growth of our community, the amount of questions covering the principles of our platform, creating integrations, and much more is also experiencing a significant increase. Although we can quickly address some of these queries, others require thorough and intense attention, which we unfortunately don’t always have the resources to provide.

That’s why, for those of you with more complex questions, we’re now introducing expert consultations provided by our Make-focused external partner to help you achieve the sync/automation/integration results you’re looking for. During these consultations, we can help you set up the desired workflow or solve any integration problems you’re not sure how to handle. All this for a fee of $55 USD for a 30 minute consultation.

And because we want to be fair – if the consultation doesn’t help you solve your issue or isn’t helpful in another way, you don’t have to pay the fee.

Seek Help in the User Community

Remember, we have not one but two user communities – one on Slack and one on Facebook. Feel free to choose the one that meets your needs better. They both provide a unique chance to get in touch and chat with other Boosters and integration enthusiasts, as well as our team members!

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Are You An Integration Pro? Slide into Our Mailbox

Are you skilled in developing integrations and knowledgeable about (Make engine)? We are in the process of establishing a partnership program to enhance our support in integration setup.

If you are interested in collaborating, we kindly invite you to contact us through email at [email protected].

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Published by Liesbeth Bronsema

Marketing & Community Manager