Data Management meets AI: Three AI-powered Features that changes how we think about Data & AI
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Built-in Engine
Built-in AI Engine

Enabling 1890 tools talk to each other

so you can
Introducing All-in-one Data Management platform that combines Integration Platform and Cloud Database. Connect your tools and build the most complex automations possible. Oh, we also got an AI Engine.
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Imagine if
had a baby. And then add AI.

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Connect tools to a cloud database organized by data type and build custom databases without coding.


Centralize, Standardize & Enrich

Get your data under one roof and make it understandable for all your tools and AI. Build ultimate SSOT (Single Source of Truth) and stay on top of everything.



Make your whole team function like a single organism with two-way sync. Share standardized and enriched data across your toolset and build the most advanced automations possible.

“True Innovation in Data Sync Solutions”
Data is everything. And the “big guys” know it.
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Built-in AI Engine AI Engine

State of art field mapping, data enrichment our of this world and AI-powered chat over your business data.
Included in all plans Coming in Q2 2024
Data Transformation

Data Transformation

AI-powered templates that makes field mapping a breeze. Let our AI engine map fields of your tools to our data modules.

Scale & Enterprise Coming in Q3 2024
Data Enrichment

Data Enrichment

Enrich your dataset directly within data modules. Simply create new column and write prompt.

Enterprise Coming in Q4 2024
AI Assistant

AI Assistant

Your new best friend. When it comes to data of course. Ask and get answers over your centralized data.

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Modules for every data type

Choose from premade ones or create your own. Without coding.

Modules for every data type

All-in-one Data Management

Ultimate combination of integration / automation platform and cloud database.

All-in-one Data Management

Looking for connectivity for your tool or platform?

Let's chat! We can build you custom app and instantly connect you with 1800+ tools.

Looking for connectivity for your tool or platform?

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