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Streamline your business processes by centralizing your Zoho Invoice data. connects to your IT tools and helps aggregate their data into central databases. Data centralization serves as the foundation for easy collaboration across teams, process automation across tools, and data analysis with a complete story.

Integrate Zoho Invoice with thousands of other apps in a few clicks.

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Zoho Invoice Triggers / Actions (88)

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Watch Expenses

Triggers when an expense is created or updated.

Watch Projects

Triggers when a project is created.

Watch Contacts

Triggers when a contact is created or updated.

Watch Items

Triggers when an item is created or updated.

Watch Invoices

Trigger when an invoice is created or updated.

Watch Estimates

Triggers when an estimate is created or updated.

Delete a Contact Person

Delete an existing contact person.

Mark an Item Active/Inactive

Marks an item as active or inactive.

Update a Recurring Expense

Updates an exsiting recurring expense.

Update a Recurring Invoice

Updates a recurring invoice.

Delete a Task

Deletes a task added to a project.

Update a Task

Updates the details of an existing task.

Get an Estimate

Get the details of an estimate.

Email an Invoice

Emails an invoice to the customer. Input json string is not mandatory. If input json string is empty, mail will be send with default mail content.

Mark a Contact Person Primary

Marks a contact person as primary for contact.

Delete an Invoice

Delete an existing invoice. Invoices which have payment or credits note applied cannot be deleted.

Delete a Payment

Deletes an existing payment.

Delete a Project

Deletes an existing project.

Get a Credit Note

Gets details of an existing credit note.

Refund a Payment

Refund the excess amount paid by the customer.

Delete a Contact

Delete an existing Contact.

Update an Expense

Update an existing expense.

Update a Payment

Updates an existing payment information.

Update a Project

Updates details of a project.

Create an Estimate

Creates an estimate for your customer.

Delete an Estimate

Deletes an existing estimate.

Create a Expense Category

Creates a new expense category.

Create a Recurring Invoice

Creates a new recurring invoice.

Mark a Contact Active/Inactive

Mark a contact as active or inactive.

Delete a Recurring Invoice

Deletes an existing recurring invoice.

Delete an Item

Deletes an existing item. Items that are part of a transaction cannot be deleted.

Get an Invoice

Gets the details of an invoice.

Get a Payment

Gets the details of an existing payment.

Get a Project

Gets the details of a project.

Update an Item

Updates the details of an existing item.

Get a Contact

Get details of a contact.

Get an Expense

Gets the detail of the expense.

Get an Item

Fetches details of an existing item.

Make an API Call

Performs an arbitrary authorized API call.

Create an Invoice

Creates an invoice for your customer.

Update an Invoice

Updates an existing invoice. To delete a line item just remove it from the line items list.

Get a Recurring Invoice

Gets the details of a recurring invoice.

Update an Estimate

Updates an existing estimate. To delete a line item just remove it from the line items list.

Create an Item

Creates a new item.

Get a Price List

Fetches the details of an existing price list.

Get a Time Entry

Gets details of a time entry.

Create an Expense

Creates a billable or non-billable expense.

Create a Payment

Creates a new payment.

Create a Project

Creates a new project.

Delete an Expense

Deletes an existing expense.

Log Time Entries

Logs time entries.

Create a Price List

Creates a new price list.

Delete a Price List

Deletes a price list.

Delete a Time Entry

Deetes a logged time entry.

Email a Credit Note

Email a credit note.

Update a Price List

Updates an existing Price List.

Update a Time Entry

Updates logged time entry.

Create a Credit Note

Creates a new credit note.

Delete a Credit Note

Deletes an existing credit note.

Get a Contact Person

Get the details of a contact person.

Refund a Credit Note

Refunds credit note amount.

Update a Credit Note

Update details of an existing credit note.

Create a Contact Person

Creates a contact person for contact.

Get a Recurring Expense

Gets the details of the recurring expense.

Update a Contact Person

Update details of an existing contact person.

Create a Recurring Expense

Creates a new recurring expense.

Delete a Recurring Expense

Deletes an existing recurring expense.

Mark an Invoice Sent/Void/Draft

Marks a invoice as sent, void, or draft.

Mark a Project Active/Inactive

Marks project as active or inactive.

Mark a Recurring Invoice Stop/Resume

Stops or resumes an active recurring invoice.

Mark an Estimate Sent/Accepted/Declined

Marks a draft estimate as send, accepted or declined.

Update a Contact

Update an existing contact. To delete a contact person remove it from the contact persons list.

Create a Contact

Creates a contact with given information.

List Expenses

List all the expenses with pagination.

List Estimates

Lists all estimates with pagination.

List Expense Categories

List Expense categories along with pagination.

List Recurring Expenses

Lists all the expenses with pagination.

List Contacts

Lists all contacts with pagination.

List Payments

Lists all the payments made by your customer.

List Price Lists

Gets the list of all the price lists with pagination.

List Recurring Invoices

Lists the details of all recurring invoices.

List Items

Gets the list of all active items with pagination.

List Invoices

Lists all invoices with pagination.

List Projects

Lists all projects with pagination.

List Credit Notes

Lists all the credit notes.

List Time Entries

Lists all time entries with pagination.

List Contact Persons

Lists all contact persons with pagination.

List Payment Refunds

Lists all the refunds pertaining to an existing customer payment.

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