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Grow licence

Tier 1
Connect, centralize and synchronize data with pre-build modules.
$47 / month
  • 50,000 operations
  • 5,000 records

    How many records you can save to database. This number indicates overall size of your database. You can free-up the space by deleting records.

  • 1 admin

    An admin can set up the system, create and manage integrations and automation scenarios - only admins have access to the integrator engine.

  • 15 minutes sync frequency for scenarios

    The shortest time period allowed between sequences of scheduled scenarios.

Free 14-day trial. No credit card required. Cancel any time.

  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited scenarios
  • Real time two-way sync via webhooks
  • Pre-built modules for synchronizing
  • 20+ addons to make your life easier
  • Data consolidation
  • Custom fields & Pre-made custom fields

Enterprise licence

Automate processes, manage warehouses and production or take advantage of our BI module.
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  • Custom records

    How many records you can save to database. This number indicates overall size of your database. You can free-up the space by deleting records.

  • Custom admins

    Users that can work with modules and its data. They cant adjust system settings or access the Integrator engine.

  • Custom sync frequency

    The shortest time period allowed between sequences of scheduled scenarios.

  • Everything in Grow & Scale and:
    • Sandbox Environment
    • Multilanguage Database
    • Multicurrency Database
    • Dedicated Success Manager
    • On-premise solution
    • Enterprise Modules like Charts & Warehouses

Feature comparison

Core metrics

Grow Scale Enterprise


How many records you can save to database. This number indicates overall size of your database. You can free-up the space by deleting records.

5 000 records 5 000 records Custom


Users that can work with the Integrator engine and set-up global settings.

1 admin 1 admin Custom


Users that can work with modules and its data. They dont have acess to the Integrator engine.

Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited

Min. interval between scheduled scenarios

The shortest time period allowed between sequences of scheduled scenarios.

15 minutes 5 minutes Custom


Grow Scale Enterprise


Synchronize your contacts from many tools and manage them in one place.


Streamline and sychronize your tasks from many sources and centralize your processes.


Centralize your orders from all your sales channels and manage and fulfill all your business orders in one place.


Build a master product database and synchronize it with your eshops, dealers, pricelists. Manage your product database centrally.


Streamline and aggregate invoices and receipts from many tools automatically and synchronize them to your favourite accounting tool.

No-Code Database Module

Create a custom module using our no-code module builder. Define custom columns, statuses and automations. Centralize any kind of data.


With all your data centralized in you can create charts and dashboards to get custom insights.


Grow Scale Enterprise


Communicate with your team.


Your internal documentation.


Keep your meetings and deadlines under control.


Keep and share your notes.

Work reports

Measure the work hours and the cost of projects.


Connect the modules in a complete and linked project.


Create professional questionnaires and forms.

Business offers

Make business offers they can’t refuse.


Turn business opportunities into profitable orders.


Make the process of contract realization more effective.


Full-feature online graphic editor.


Grow Scale Enterprise

Customer Support

Our professional support team is here to help.

Data consolidation

Combine data from multiple integration sources.

Custom fields

Customize the system to your liking with smart data storing and categorizing.

Pre-made customfields

We pre-made hundreds of custom fields and mapped them in our integrations. Thanks to this feature, you can synchronize hundreds of custom fields with a few clicks.


Use webhooks to set up scenario triggers in the integrator. Whenever you save new data, delete, or otherwise modify them, will automatically send a webhook about the event to connected applications over HTTP.

Mobile & desktop app has an Android, Windows, Mac, iOS or Linux apps with push notifications. Have data at your fingertips at any time (as long as your phone battery is charged).

Menu Editor

Add your corporate cloud applications to the home page and turn into a comprehensive corporate platform. You can also create a different menu for each user and decide what modules he has access to.

Labels and statuses

Create statuses for each module separately to create an ideal environment for efficient and consistent work.

Custom Fields with functions

Just like in regular tables, in you can apply dynamic calculations to data stored in numeric fields and correlate them using mathematical functions. You can easily include the results of additions, subtractions, divisions, etc. in user-defined custom fields with functions.

Custom triggers and actions

Define your own conditions for triggering an automated action. The trigger is followed by one or more actions. Using this feature you can prepare user-defined notifications, send emails or use webhooks to start complex automations.

Custom branding

Make the system your own, with company colors, logo, custom login screens and much more.

API Token prioritization

Prioritize what integration sources can overwrite each others' data.

Multilanguage database

Save your data in multiple languages. Important for multi-language product databases etc.

Multicurrency database

All modules that work with currencies have the ability to add currency exchange rate and automatically recalculate prices.

Sandbox Environment

Create a copy of your system instance and use it as a Sandbox test environment. Test features and work with your data risk free. You can re-generate the Sandbox environment at any time, so that it will match your main system instance.

Dedicated Success Manager

A dedicated Success Manager who will ensure your sucess with

Integrator engine & Automations

Grow Scale Enterprise


An operation is a task performed by a module.

50 000 operations 50 000 operations Custom

Current number of app integrations

How many ready-made app integrations and workflow automations supports currently.

1801 1801 1801

No-code workflow builder

Design, build, and automate with a visual drag-and-drop interface.

Custom apps

Create your own custom apps to be used in the integrator engine and share with users in your organization.

Parallel scenario execution

Process multiple incoming records instantly, at the same time, instead of one after the other.

Real-time execution monitoring

Visually monitor, isolate, and troubleshoot workflow executions immediately in real time.

System variables

Get detailed information about your scenarios, current executions, teams, and organizations.

Maximum scenario execution time

Maximum run time of a single scenario execution.

40 min 40 min 40 min

Maximum number of active scenarios

Maximum number of scenarios that can be active and running at one time.

Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited

Full-text execution log search

Search and quickly identify any record in your scenario execution history for faster and effective troubleshooting.

Custom variables

Edit and manage your data across multiple scenarios at once.

Scenario inputs

Allow everyone to run complex scenarios by just filling in inputs that are marked as required.

Create and share scenario templates

Create and share workflow templates scalable across business functions and user groups.

Custom functions

Create and execute custom Javascript functions in your scenarios.


/ month


/ month


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