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    Three Key Functions & Features

    Two-way data synchronization

    Two-way data synchronization

    Built-in logic that decides whether to Create, Update or Delete based on your priority conditions.

    Advanced data consolidation

    Advanced data consolidation

    Auto-merge data from various sources in your system, based on chosen priority for each space.

    Standardized data structure

    Standardized data structure

    Standardized data kickstarts our integration templates and unlocks AI's full potential on your centralized business data.

    Free 14-day trial. No credit card required. Cancel any time.

    Build your master data

    The New Standard of Data Synchronization

    Stop connecting every tool to every other tool - you can just let them share the same dataset. Build a Single Source of Truth (SSOT), save your data in a standardized format, and provide it to your team, tools, or even AI.

    Two-way Data Synchronization in a few clicks

    Finally a cloud database tool with advanced data consolidation features, no-code workflows and pre-made templates that enables everyone to keep their data synchronized. Even your cat could do it.

    Choose what you want to synchronize

    Choose from our pre-build data modules to synchronize contacts, orders, invoices, tasks, products or take advantage of no-code custom data module and synchronize whatever you need.

    Find your tools

    Whether you want to synchronize data in or out of - simply find your tool within more than 1782 ready-to-be-connected tools. Thanks to Make built-in engine, we get new integrations on monthly basis.

    Select premade templates or create your own

    Due to standardized data structure and set of hundereds of pre-made custom fields we're able to create easy integration templates and save you tons of time you’d spend on field mapping.

    Use the power of built-in Make Integration engine is fully connected with Make Engine and so we take you step by step and let you create scenarios in our UI and then prepare the final scenario in Make Engine for you.

    Review your dataflow and manage source priorities

    Finally - review your data flow in comprehensive overview, check your priorities and keep your data consistent across your whole toolset. No more scattered data all over the place. What a beauty, right?

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    Standardized Dataset for AI

    Data scattered across many tools with no unified structure are unreachable for AI. centralizes and consolidates data from 1400+ tools and creates master dataset that can be then utilised by AI.

    What is the most profitable business case? Which task costs employees the most time? What is the sum of expected profit of all active business cases? Was Linda productive last month compared to this January? Who brought the most business cases? When is Azariah's birthday?

    Free 14-day trial. No credit card required. Cancel any time.

    Data Synchronization made easy

    Core Features

    standardize data

    Data Standardization

    Consolidate data from all your tools and platforms to a one single database. Transform your business data into a uniform format to ensure readability and usability across the entire toolset. This clarity fosters informed decision-making and boosts operational efficiency, helping your business navigate with confidence and precision.

    Data Consolidation

    Consolidate data from different sources to a single record (item) in the database based on a chosen Key Column.  Merge data from many sources and build a single source of truth. You can chose a different key column per each space and customize this behavior to your needs.

    API Token Prioritization

    Determine the order of precedence of each record that gets saved into via security key (API token) priorization. allows you to merge data from several tools into one record (item) and you can use the API token prioritization to prioritize what integrations can overwrite each other's data .... read more

    Premade Custom Fields

    Make use of pre-made custom fields that correspond to commonly used parameters of each module (contacts, products, orders, invoices, etc.). Pre-made custom fields are a basis of our integration templates and they allow us to pre-map most of the common parameters for you, making it incredibly easy to create your... read more

    Custom Fields with Functions

    Just like in regular spreadsheets, you can correlate data stored in numeric fields with mathematical functions in You can easily include the results of additions, subtractions, divisions, etc., in a report using custom fields.

    Webhooks CUD/Custom

    Set up notifications when an operation changes. Whenever you save new data, delete, or otherwise modify them, will automatically send a webhook about the event to connected applications over HTTP. Use webhooks to set up scenario triggers in the integrator.

    Free 14-day trial. No credit card required. Cancel any time.