How we helped luxury pool maker to grow

Read how we created a tailor-made solution for Imaginox and how our system helped the company to achieve better results.

Imaginox a.s.

Company Imaginox a.s. is a manufacturer of luxury stainless steel swimming pools. Rapid growth and a large number of orders meant that they needed a complex system which would provide more effective processes for:

  • Sales
  • Projecting department
  • Purchasing
  • Supplies
  • Manufacturing
  • Installation department

Where did they need help?

In five years, the company had grown from 6 to 65 employees. This meant they needed a system that would allow them to cooperate effectively and keep easy track of orders, supplies and manufacturing.

We were growing both in terms of the team size and the amount and complexity of orders, but we were still running on Excel sheets and verbal communication like we were in the very beginning. And of course, it wasn’t enough anymore.

Jiří Kachlík, Imaginox CEO

Why did they choose

None of the systems on the market really fit the Imaginox requirements. The company needed a solution that was adapted to its specific needs. At the same time, Imaginox were planning to expand into new markets not only in Europe, but around the world. That’s why they were looking for a system that would grow with them and adapt to new demands.

The big advantage of was its modular approach, which made it possible to build a tailored solution and keep the option of further development open. Equally important was the simplicity of the whole system.

How did it all happen?

First of all, we helped our client choose the right modules for their tailor-made system. In this case, it was quite a complex solution:

  • CRM
  • Supplies and purchasing
  • Manufacturing management system
  • Project management
  • Chat and communication
  • Cloud storage and file and document management
  • Time and work tracking

When it was clear what the new system had to be able to do, we started working to adapt its individual parts to the company’s requirements. We divided the implementation into separate steps.

CRM made it easy to keep track of orders

We started with our standard CRM module, which we modified to the customer’s needs. This gave Imaginox a complete overview of both planned and currently running orders, allowing the company to plan the whole manufacturing process, and the follow-up activities, more efficiently.

Thanks to, we can ‘see the future’ and our planning is much more effective.

Sabine Weiss, business manager, Imaginox

We solved storage and supply issues

The second phase included sorting out the supplies and purchasing system. As our system keeps total track of the supplies in the warehouse and supplies needed for upcoming orders, it’s now possible to order those supplies in exactly the right amount andat the right time.

We introduced smart production planning

The management system helped our client keep better track of who is working on what and with what kind of supplies. This allowed Imaginox to make better manufacturing plans, to keep an exact track of the cost of individual orders and make the whole manufacturing process more effective.

Launching the manufacturing processes was a challenge, but in the end, everything was easier than we thought.

Jan Bárta, manufacturing director, Imaginox

We’ll add accounting as well

The latest plan is to connect the system with accounting. When it’s done, it will finally be possible to manage the whole company, from sales, to purchasing and manufacture, to invoicing, from a single system.

What are the benefits for the client?

We saved time and improved communication

All the information is now in one place and easy to keep track of. This saves us a lot of time and prevents us from forgetting about anything. Everyone is satisfied – both our employees and business partners and our clients, who are the best reference for us.

We made manufacturing more efficient

Advanced project management allows us to be more effective in manufacturing management and coordinating individual activities, allowing us to shorten the average time taken to complete an order. This way, we make more pools for less money.

We lowered the material costs

With the help of the supply management system, we buy the supplies at the right time, because we know what we will need and when. This means we pay less to our business partners for storage. The tracking of leftovers helps us be more effective when using the remaining supplies on other orders.

We improved planning

With easily accessible data and their visualisation, we are better able to avoid market swings and be more effective in planning of marketing and sales activities. The system also helps us to have a better overview of the company’s overall performance, and allows us to make the right strategic decisions.