How we helped to increase sales and customer satisfaction

We asked the company owner, Ing. Daniela Fuxová, why they decided to replace Microsoft Dynamics 365 with, how the implementation process went and what the new system brought them.

Aquamarine Spa s.r.o.

Aquamarine Spa is a company which specialises in outfitting exclusive private and commercial wellness centres in Czechia and Slovakia. After struggling with unsatisfactory Microsoft CRM solutions for several years, they decided they needed a change. We helped them solve their needs with a combination of following modules:

  • CRM
  • Document sharing
  • Project management
  • Data visualisation
  • Communication entities

Why did they need help?

Unsuitable CRM Microsoft Dynamics 365

We invested a lot of time and money into the Microsoft solution, but the system really didn’t suit us. It was too complex for our company, difficult to use and user unfriendly – nobody wanted to use it.

Demanding clients and difficult projects

Our clients expect perfect service. Forgetting about someone or being late with something is simply unthinkable. Any mistake is punished by a negative reference. The more clients and projects we had, the more difficult it was to organize everything.

Lack of any system for sales department

We needed to instill more order into our sales department. Keep track of our communication with clients and find where we could improve. We wanted to introduce a motivational system based on KPI, but we had no way to keep track of and evaluate processes in our company.

Daniela Fuxová
owner of Aquamarine Spa

Why did they choose

Fast implementation thanks to ready-made modules

User friendliness

Easy data storage and sharing

Smart and easy communication

We needed to solve the problem with the old, unsatisfactory system, and we needed to do it quickly. was an ideal solution thanks to its ready made CRM module. At the same time, it allowed us to do custom modifications of individual parts, so we could easily adapt it to our requirements. We also had a hard time with our salesmen, who didn’t want to enter data into the old system. Each unnecessary click was an excuse to not do it at all. But is so easy and user-friendly that our employees understand that it doesn’t add unnecessary work, but instead helps them sell better.

How did it all happen?

We sorted out the data

Data is very important to us, but to be honest we didn’t have it very well organised. With the help of the team, we merged, cleaned, and completed the data from our old CRM system and all of our Excel spreadsheets, before loading it into the new system.

We tailored the CRM to our sales process

We modified the CRM quickly and easily to suit our needs. The bigger changes were taken care of by the coders; the smaller ones, like changing the statuses of the sales process or setting up colours, we could do ourselves, really easily.

We set up automation and interconnection with the website

To accommodate the needs of our salesmen, we asked for automatic reminders and prepared shortcuts for generating various types of tasks. At the same time, we connected the system to our websites and created a lead section for evidence of online orders.

We expanded the system with data visualisation

Data visualization allowed us to keep track of all the information in straightforward, easy-to-digest graphs which we can refine depending on our focus. It became easy to see the KPIs of individual salesmen or of the whole department.

What were the results?

We profit from high-quality, well-sorted data

Data is important to us. Having it well-organised and up-to-date allows us, for example, to effectively publicise our special offers for additional equipment or services. This has allowed us to increase the profits from these additional products and activities.

We shortened the sales cycle, increasing sales

Even with a large number of customers, we are now able to keep perfect track of our sales process. We know exactly when we’ve set up a meeting, who to get in touch with or, on the other hand, who has been unresponsive for a long time. Regularity and precision in the sales department has helped us shorten the time from the initial inquiry to closing the deal, which in turn has led to an increase in overall sales!

We communicate better and save time

We save a lot of time, because everyone knows where to find everything. The option of adding attachments right into the sales opportunities or to individual tasks make the whole communication process faster and easier, so we have time left for what’s really important.

We increased our client satisfaction

Recommendations from our satisfied clients are our most important and biggest source of new projects. Thanks to this system, we are able to take better care of both current and new clients, we don’t forget about anything and we communicate better and faster. This has significantly increased their satisfaction with our services.