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Combining powerful features with a data centralisation platform Boost.space, our Dealer Network Management System solution gives you the tools you need to increase profits, increase efficiency and optimize production and sales processes for all your dealers. Show full testimonial

Effective management of the dealer network.

The big advantage of Boost.space was its modular approach, which made it possible to build a tailored solution and keep the option of further development open. Equally important was the simplicity of the whole system.

Jiří Kachlík, CEO

We needed to solve the problem with the old, unsatisfactory system, and we needed to do it quickly. Boost.space was an ideal solution thanks to its ready made CRM module. Show full testimonial

Daniela Fuxová, founder

Boost.space is so easy and user-friendly that our employees understand that it doesn’t add unnecessary work, but instead helps them sell better.

Daniel Slíva, Vice Chairman of the Board