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Effective management of the dealer network

As your dealer network grows, you need a dealer management system that can expand and support you at every turn. Combining powerful features with a data centralisation platform, our Dealer Network Management System solution gives you the tools you need to increase profits, increase efficiency and optimize production and sales processes for all your dealers.

  • Central product database
  • Interconnected warehouse management
  • Purchase and order management
  • Connection with e-shops and physical cash registers
  • Integration with more than 1000+ applications
  • Automation of routine work
  • Advanced data analysis
  • Customer success manager
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Central product database
Central product database

Transfer all your products to a central product database and share it with your dealers

Problem: Most dealer network companies have to have an overview of product inventory, which can be managed collectively and ideally from one place, at the same time to be able to take over a particular product portfolio in individual branches. And most importantly, keep the portfolio up to date.

Solution: With the Products module, you create one central product database, which you then share with all your dealers or customers and suppliers. From now on, you don't have to make changes such as adjusting the price of a product, its description, photos, discounts, and others in all e-shops separately; all you have to do is make this change in one central place. It will be copied to all connected e-shops and databases. Managing prices and margins have never been more accessible.

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Warehouse management in the cloud

Make your work easier with interconnected warehousing and have absolute control over your inventory

Problem: There is often one central warehouse in dealer networks and several smaller warehouses that belong to individual dealers. This approach creates the need to have an overview of all stocks in real-time across all warehouses. Make your work easier with interconnected warehousing and have absolute control over your inventory.

Solution: Optimize and streamline inventory management and connect all dealer warehouses wherever they are. In you can manage an unlimited number of warehouses with an infinite number of assortments. With simple user rights settings, all dealers can manage their inventory separately, but at the same time they can share information with others to optimize the delivery of goods and free up space in warehouses. With you will no longer have to stockpile supplies.

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Central warehouse - warehouse management
Connecting of stores and e-shops
Omnichannel - connecting e-shops with physical cash registers

Discover new possibilities by connecting brick-and-mortar stores with e-shops

Problem: More and more companies are starting to deal with how to connect a stone shop with an e-shop and thus include it in the omnichannel or dealer network. Without it, it is impossible to optimize logistics and efficiently manage purchases and orders.

Solution: With you have the opportunity to connect online business with physical sales, thanks to which you will have a clear overview of stocks, orders, future orders, supplier-customer relationships and much more. Thanks to this connection, you have a unique opportunity to streamline your business processes and optimize the entire sales process, from purchasing goods to re-marketing.

Shared and interconnected CRM

Build a central CRM and connect data between dealer databases

Problem: In a dealer network, it is very common for multiple branches to work with one contact. Each dealer saves the contact in their way, thus duplicating data or keeping invalid contacts. Without centralized cross-database changes, maintaining order in the contacts directory is unsustainable, and with the growing number of contacts, this problem only grows.

Solution: Start using central CRM and share contacts across the entire dealer network. From now on, you can use one contact in receipts, disbursements, orders, orders, projects, worksheets and much more. Subsequently, you can quickly analyze the data and thus optimize stocks, delivery times and improve overall supplier-customer relationships.

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CRM, joint contacts
Business processes, management automation
Business process optimization

Bring business processes entirely under one roof and process orders without worries

Problem: In most dealer networks, the order placed at one branch is not able to be processed by the other branch, even if this would be the best solution in the given situation. The same applies to contract collaboration and overall information sharing between dealers and salespeople.

Solution: Business process management is one of the biggest business challenges, so the most important thing is to go for it right. In you can create functioning business processes, prepare their course and share this know-how with your dealers and salespeople. Simply, automatically, with all the context at once. At the same time, each dealer has its own database of leads, business opportunities, orders, contracts and projects in one interconnected system.

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Receiving leads, orders, feedback from forms

Discover the potential of web forms with an automated link to

Problem: How to get feedback efficiently and very quickly when each branch is slightly different in specialization? How to easily get orders from the website?

Solution: Allow dealers to create forms to receive email addresses, orders, and more. Each dealer will be able to create their own forms, which are ideal for accepting business opportunities directly from the website. Of course, there is an automated creation of contact in CRM and follow-up orders.

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Web forms, custom forms
Automation and resource saving

Automate routine activities to save time and money

Problem: Employees spend some of their working time on routine work that takes a few hours a week, but multiplying the number by the number of employees creates a significant amount, which is spent unnecessarily every month on activities that can be easily automated.

Solution: Your time is a valuable resource that should not be wasted on repetitive tasks and prolonged administration. In, you can leave routine work to automation, thus reducing operating costs and errors. And you and your colleagues can focus their efforts on more critical activities.

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Comprehensive analysis of company data

Analyze big data from supplier-customer relationships and keep improving

Problem: When operating multiple branches, a large amount of data is collected, which we cannot use enough; in other words terms such as Big Data, software engineering, data warehouses, data analysis, data pumps or advanced reporting often evokes the idea of an expensive investment.

Solution: There is nothing more powerful than quality and consistent data. Using a central system, you generate cheap but consistent data every day, with which you can easily work and improve the operation of the entire dealer network. In addition, you can create clear reports for investors, managers and more.

Data analysis, reporting

Create centralized databases and have them drive every part of your reseller network.

Efficiently using the data in your company – means efficient processes, workflows and cash flow management


  • Share leads globally across dealer network
  • Connect central products database with dealer eshops
  • Live dashboards of dealer performance
  • Global sharing of contact databases and knowhow

With, we connected and united our international dealer network consisting of more than 120 dealers on six continents. We have a real-time overview of our business opportunities, orders and stocks across all our branches and warehouses, so we can easily identify and then constantly improve the entire life cycle of our product range. At the same time, the data generated for us every day inside is mainly used for global strategic decision-making and for exploring new potential locations for the expansion of our dealer fleet.

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