Individual Solutions

We are here for you – We are here for you – we offer consultations, help with creating your company processes, designing the optimal workflow and setting up data visualisation.

We can provide help with data migration, connect Boost.space with your systems or develop a tailored module just for you.

Tadeáš Marek
Founder and CEO

How it works


We meet and talk about your goals


We design a solution

We will find the most effective way of achieving your goals and design a solution - a combination of Boost.space features and custom solutions.


We will help you achieve the full potential of your company!

Don’t adapt your company to the software, when Boost.space can adapt to you.

Become one of our early-adopters!

What we can help with?

Setting up company processes and workflow we will help you create more effective work processes by integrating our tools, making your work easier and automating repetitive processes.

Setting up and managing data visualization We will design and set up interactive dashboards and graphs and show you how you can easily make full use your data strength to develop your business.

Development of new specific modules Boost.space offers you dozens of preprogrammed modules that you can piece together like a jigsaw puzzle. However, if you need to create a new module to meet the specific needs of your company, we are here for you!

Integration with your software and hardware Use your data to the max! We will connect Boost.space with your marketing or accounting tools, your eshop or your hardware.

Data migration and training we will ensure the smooth transition of the whole company to Boost.space.

You’re not alone in this!

We will help you reach your company’s full potential! Let’s get on with it!