Kanban board

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Prioritize tasks through their statuses.

Make task management easier by listing them in columns and sorting them by the current status – from creation to finished and archived.

Screenshot of the module Kanban board

Apply agile management

Manage tasks with an agile method and prioritize their fast and effective completion using the tools of the Kanban Board.

Complete tasks in time

Reduce ineffective multitasking and focus on finishing the tasks in progress. Reduce the tension in the team and project risks by creating order in the individual task phases and delegating effectively.

Create your own statuses

Manage tasks in every to-do list according to your needs and add your statuses.

Part of the Tasks module

Additional module for the Tasks module.

Tasks notice board

A new look at the tasks in the form of easy-to-view notice board.

Columns according to status

Making the lifecycle of the task more comprehensible by the flow from the left (task creation) to the right (task archivation).