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Visualize any company data.

Turn data into information in the best way possible. Use dozens of advanced graphs to present company data from internal and external sources and make data-based decisions.

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Discover the strengths and weaknesses of the company

Compare the data from marketing with actual revenues and numbers from the accounting program with information from the CRM system. Find out your real expenses on every contract and reveal the weaknesses of your company.

Report and present the company data

Transform your graphs into a presentation and share them with employees, investors, partners, or clients.

Make decisions based on facts

You can use a vast number of graphs to analyze your data – from simple to very complex ones. To analyze your data, you can use, for example, a point, box, or layered circle chart.

Data visualization

Dozens of types of graphs to visualise the company data, e.g. pie chart, bar graph or line graph.

Sharing and presentation of analyses

Adaptation of data visualisation for easy sharing and presenting.

Import of various data formats

Visualisation of internal data acquired through Boost.space or from external sources.

Personalized looks

Highly personalized design of any graph type for deeper data analysis.