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Streamline your business processes by centralizing your AssemblyAI data. connects to your IT tools and helps aggregate their data into central databases. Data centralization serves as the foundation for easy collaboration across teams, process automation across tools, and data analysis with a complete story.

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AssemblyAI Modules (16)

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Watch for Transcript Ready Notification

The notification when the transcript status is completed or error.

Wait until Transcript is Ready

Waits until the transcript status is either "completed" or "error".

Upload a File

Uploads a file to AssemblyAI. The file will be private and removed after transcription.

Search for Words in a Transcript

Searches through a completed transcript for a specific set of keywords.

Transcribe an Audio File

Transcribes an audio file and waits until the transcript status is "completed" or "error".

Purge a LeMUR Request

Deletes the data for a previously submitted LeMUR request. Response data from the LLM, as well as any context provided in the original request will be removed.

Run a Task using LeMUR

Prompts an LLM with your transcripts using LeMUR.

Get Subtitles for a Transcript

Retrieves the transcript as SRT or VTT subtitles.

Get Sentences of a Transcript

Retrieves all sentences of a transcript.

Get Redacted Audio of a Transcript

Retrieves the redacted audio of the transcript.

Get Paragraphs of a Transcript

Retrieves all paragraphs of a transcript.

Get a Transcript

Retrieves a transcript by ID.

Get a LeMUR Response

Retrieves a LeMUR response that was previously generated.

Delete a Transcript

Deletes a transcript by ID. Deleting a transcript does not delete the transcript resource itself, but removes the data from the resource and marks it as deleted.

Make an API Call

Performs an arbitrary authorized API call.

List Transcripts

Lists transcripts from your account.

14 days trial
No credit card required