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Gantt Chart

Gantt chart offers a unique view of tasks on a timeline, useful when you need to meet important deadlines in time.

A Gantt chart will help you create connections between related tasks, and helps you to evenly distribute the workload across the whole project. Boost.Space also offers the option of displaying more projects and to-do lists at once, so you can manage human resources across every one of your projects.

Individual task statuses

Attachments of any size

with option of labeling them with the file category and status

Allocation and tracking of time and budget

spent on each task, to-do list or the whole project

Automated actions

once the task status is changed


Be the master of time!

Boost.Space is the only project management software to combine the three basic approaches to task management: ToDo lists, task timelines (Gantt Chart) and Kanban boards. Use the view of your tasks that’s most useful at any given time.