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Data Visualization and Graphs

Use dozens of advanced graphs which will allow you to present any company data clearly and simply.

With Boost.space, you can use company data from various sources, combine and compare them against each other, use them to create interactive, easy-to-comprehend graphs and dashboards, and share them with colleagues. We will help you with setting up, create interactive dashboards and show you how to easily use the strength of your data to develop your business.

Ability to connect any data

Dozens types of graphs

Detailed graph settings

Graph sharing

Adding graphs to dashboards

Create efficient overviews!

Connect them to the dashboards and use data to tell stories which will help you make better management decisions. Connect the graphs to live data and watch the story of your company develop in real time.

Compare the website statistics with real revenues and find how closely they are tied to each other. Combine the data from the accounting software with those from CRM and find out the real costs of recent orders.