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You’re in good hands – We are Google and Microsoft Verified Partners 🚀

You’re in good hands – We are Google and Microsoft Verified Partners 🚀


It’s official – another significant milestone for! It’s been quite a journey, but now we are Google and Microsoft certified Partners. is now fully compatible with Google Workspace and Google Cloud API. We got through all security scans and received second highest security clearance. And that’s quite something 🔥 Nothing stands between you and integrating your Google Workspace, as well as other Google tools like Gmail or Google Calendar, into your system. Just create any Google App and connect it via Integrator.

When it comes to Microsoft, we are now in the hands of dedicated specialists, and we got 24/7 technical support. We are also able to enroll in new features, diverse functions, and security systems, which help us with better protection against cyberattacks. As Partners, we are also a part of a closer group of selected startups. Therefore we have the possibility to attend all kinds of events and webinars, which are held by MS in order to help with the optimization of their partner’s businesses.

We hope both of these partnerships will lead to further improvement of our team’s and product’s services, as well as to an easier and more effective manipulation with the system for its users.

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Published by Liesbeth Bronsema

Marketing & Community Manager